Send SMS through website Via API with just a simple integration..

Use these XML Based API to send rich messages via SMS Gateway

Single SMS

XML API for single SMS :


<SmsQueue><Account><User>abc</User><Password>123</Password><SenderId>WEBSMS</SenderId><Channel></Channel><DCS>0</DCS><FlashSms>0</FlashSms><Route></Route></Account><Messages><Message><Number>9198981XXXXX</Number><Text>Messge from xml</Text></Message></Messages></SmsQueue>

Response :
Parameter Name Description
Account Parameters
User Your Login UserName
Password Your Login Password
APIKEY Instead of the UserName&PassWord You Can Use the API key for authentication of account
Message Parameters
SenderId Approved SenderId(6 characters string only),E.g WEBWEB.
Channel Message Channel Promotional or Transactional
Route Pass The RouteId In This Parameter To Route The Message. Click Here For More Information Regarding Your RouteId.
SchedTime Set The DateTime To Schedule Messages.(2015/12/31 22:35:00 PM YYYY/MM/DDHH:MM:SS AM/PM )
GroupId Group Id FRom My Groups Page.
DCS Data Coding Value (Default is 0 for Normal Message, Set 8 For Unicode Sms)
Flashsms Flash MNessage immediate display (Default is 0 for normal sms, Set 1 For Immediate Display)
Number Recipient Mobile Number (Pass With Comma Seprated If Need To Send On More Then One Number)
Text Your SMS COntent.


Instant Delivery
Create your users as groups with group name and recipient name and send message using groups, Here you can manage groups, edit group, change group, Also simply upload csv file and import users into groups, user friendly and easy options.
Your Own Sender ID
Sender ID is 6 digit Name or Number, You can promote your brand using name or any number. You can send SMS using Your company name or Number, Once we receive your Sender ID request with in minutes we will activate your sender ID.
Delivery Reports
After Completion of your SMS Campaign, We have detailed reports for you, Search Date or Month wise you will get reports, Download detailed reports for further verification. All SMS reports are 100% genuine and fast download.
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